Show jumping competition in Karlsfeld from the 15th to 18th of november 2012

Very good final of the season in Karlsfeld 15.-18.11.2012At the Reitanlage Pickl in Karlsfeld a big indoor show jumping took place as the the competition final for the 2012 season. Many participants of high quality- riders and horses- were the guarantee for a good sports event. Johannes presented three Youngsters in the youngster jumping competitions: the 5 year old „Carlos“ (v. Conterno-Grande x Stakkato) participated at an L level course finishing 2nd with a score of  8,4 and 6th scoring  8,3. The 6 year old  „Cosinella“ (v. Concetto x Azur) was also in top form at the end of the season and made a good impression with the judges in her perfomances, in between them was a very difficult M level youngster course. In the L level course she scored 8,2 finishing 3rd and in the M level she finished 8th with the same score.Cheyenne Hawk (5 years old mare by  Cristo x Corofino II) presented herself at an L level course and finished 7th place scoring a 7.9, a wonderful result for her. In the M** level course Johannes rode  Cindy (7 year old Holstein mare by Cassini I x Alcatraz) and she performed jumping with care and great potential , it was her first performance at 135 cm. They finished with a clear round and ranked 5th in a big starter field.



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