Cosimo 3rd ridden by Carina Hindelang doing the Ladys Trophy

In the show jumping event Pappas Amadeus Horse Indoors celebrated in Salzburg, Carina Hindelang and Cosimo had excellent results like in the before competitions they took part in. They did good rounds in Ising , Donaueschingen,  Wiener Neustadt, San Giovanni  and Dresden, being this CSI**** event the most difficult event on their 2010 schedule. Finishing 10th in the horsedeluxe opening ( 140 cm), getting 3rd in the Ladys Trophy ( 145 cm) and finally finishing 9th in the final of the Ladys Trophy ( 150 cm) were the results this time. Carina did buy Cosimo in August on the Holzeder stud and we do wish them the very best for their next competition middle of December in Frankfurt.

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