Johannes and Gambo get in the first places twice in the Gold tour

Another weekend with great results for the Holzeder Stud in Linz / Ebelsberg. On Friday Andrea finished 5th riding Linaro en la Bronce Tour and in the youngster tour she did great with Abbado, 6 years old. On Saturday Andrea repeated the good results, first with Linaro again in the Bronce Tour, ending up 6th, and Abbado did great also. The highlight of the event was the Gold tour, where Gambo did a great first course, ending up on a 8th place after having 4pts in the jump off.

Linaro and Andrea in the price ring of the bronce Tour.

During the final of the bronce tour, Linaro showed his great talent, finishing again without faults, in course and jump off. Finally it was a magnificent 4th place. Johannes Holzeder riding a Gambo participated in the Gran Prix of Linz doing a great course, but having 2 faults in the risky jump off, which made them finishing 9th. Getting 5 prices by riding 6 courses, Andrea Holzeder can be more than content with the results, and also Johannes did fine, in the Gold tour, getting 2 prices going out 3 times. Other riders of our team got also great results: Pascal Brunner riding the youngster Tour with Liberty son ( Clooney*Lord Z) and Laszlo Toth riding a daughter of Accarat taking part of the silver tour.

Abbado jumping in best manner doing the Youngster Tour
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